HIPAA Secure Fax
Transmit health information using fax technology without compromising security. The CecureCend.com electronic customizable fax service provides the necessary technical, physical, and procedural security measures to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of faxes sent in the healthcare industry. Our fax solution helps healthcare organizations send and receive faxes, while complying with the relevant HIPAA regulations.


Inbound and outbound faxed documents are delivered in an encrypted format so that the protected patient identifying information is delivered securely.

User authentication

Our system authenticates all users of the system with a username and a password so that you may enforce the appropriate access rights.

Audit trail

Our fax service provides a complete audit trail of faxes sent and received through our fax servers.

Automatic fax removal

Messages containing sensitive content can be automatically removed from our servers once delivered ensuring that no person, including our technical staff, can view patient identifying information.

Very customizable

We can apply most business requirements to your new electronic fax environment so that fax sending and receiving blends right into your day to day operations.

Additional Security Features
CecureCend.com provides additional security features, above and beyond encrypted fax receipt and transmission:

Hide destination number

As an additional layer of security, you can hide the destination fax number from the fax header.a

Physical security

All servers are housed in secure data centers which can only be accessed by authorized personnel.

PCI DSS Fax compliance

Our systems also comply with the mandatory standard for the Payment Card Industry, guaranteeing the highest level of security for the faxing of credit card information. Optional as a separate service.

Benefits of CecureCend.com Secure Fax
CecureCend.com supports the strictest regulations for data privacy and security.

Get your faxes from anywhere and forward on securely.

No Installations

No need to worry about buying and maintaining fax software, servers and acquiring phone lines. You can be up and running in 24 hours if needed.


Send one fax or one thousand. Multiple servers can handle any job.

Multiple fax recipients possible.

Global Fax servers

Servers distributed over multiple worldwide locations. Send and receive faxes regardless of wherever you are.

Deferred transmission of faxes

How It Works
Incoming Faxes
Sending Faxes

Senders fax to your number(s) as usual.

The faxes are received by our secure HIPAA compliant electronic fax service and you are notified.

Use your fax machine(s) as usual.

Option to use the secure web portal to upload and send electronic documents as faxes.